A company with an international outlook

Leader in the creation of moulds for the automotive sector and the production of sterilisation containers

OMP Group was founded as Officina Meccanica Perego in 1954, before changing its name in 1968. The company specialises in the production of dies for the automotive sector, designing and manufacturing medium-sized dies for deep-drawing, shearing and cold forming of sheet metal. OMP Group also produces progressive dies, transfer dies and dies for robotic press lines. In addition, the company excels in the production of sterilisation containers.


The venue

The company headquarters is located in La Valletta Brianza - via Pascoli, 1 - on a total area of about 6000 square metres, and consists of a recently built office building - which also houses the technical department - and two warehouses covering an area of almost 3000 square metres, equipped with nine overhead cranes with a maximum capacity of 15 tonnes.

Pegaso Box

In 2011, Pegaso Box was founded as a business division of the OMP Group. Pegaso Box specialises in the production of sterilisation containers, providing innovative and high-quality technical solutions. Its reputation is based on reliability and the continuous search for solutions that meet customers' needs in the sterilisation sector.